Our Patients Are Special

South Tyler Dermatology looks forward to our new website offering an introduction to our office.

In addition, we hope patients see our web site as a look at what we do as well as our philosophy of caring for our patients.

The blog was created with patients as our focus. In the future we plan to offer, postings, newsletters, and our blog, as patient driven trusted resources.

It is our hope that you enjoy and share these with friends. 

Our goal for our web site is to connect with our patients, sharing an informal source of information about recent Dermatology studies, helpful ideas, or other beneficial news.
Our team is the most excited about our blog. This is a new addition that we hope our patients embrace. While many of you, your families and friends are very familiar with blogs for us it is a new adventure.

Please encourage us and share your positive feedback with our team when you visit our office.

There is no replacement for a visit to your Dermatologist. Our web site is not intended as means of diagnosis, a recommendation, or for medical advice… so please visit with your Dermatologist for your skin care needs.

We ask our patients to call the office if you need prescription refills, or have questions about your skin care regimen. 903-509-2020.

Thank you

Dr. Lambert and the staff at South Tyler Dermatology

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